Kava Root for Anxiety and Stress

kavaDerived from the Pacific Islands, Kava root has been used for years as a natural remedy for anxiety. Medical studies are now proving the same benefit; after three weeks participants of a Kava root study reported that they were experiencing less anxiety without any serious side effects. This is good news for those with anxiety that turn to prescriptive drugs like Valium and Xanax, both of which come with a long list of damaging side effects.[1]

To avoid liver complications only take Kava in its safest form – as a concentrated extract. Visit your local health store and seek out capsule, liquid, or tablet forms of Kava – just be sure that the labels read “root extract” and “water-soluble.”

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Dr. Kim
Photo | Kava Patch | ©macguys on Flickr | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license


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