About DR. KIM

Married to Robin Kim

Has a son Kayden

Career Highlights:

  • Director of Kim Holistic
  • Foot & Ankle Center
  • Walking Doctor
  • Holistic Podiatrist
  • #1 Best Selling Author

Dec 23 1963
Born in Seoul, South Korea

Attended kindergarten in Seoul

Graduated California College of Podiatric Medicine

During his full term at college, he taught martial arts.

He holds black belts in Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Kendo and Kung Fu.

1979 – 1986
Immigrated to Guam (U.S. island territory in Micronesia)
Graduated from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana

Dr. Don Kim’s Career

Dr. Don Kim is a board certified holistic podiatrist who specializes in natural heel pain treatments and related surgeries.

He has been the medical director of Kim Holistic Foot & Ankle Medical Centers since 1991.

1995. Started the path to Holistic Medicine and became a Holistic Podiatrist

Walking Doctor

For more than two decades, Dr. Don Kim has been an innovator in the health, nutrition, and fitness fields. In his books and seminars, Dr. Don Kim reveals that the body has all the power to heal itself, to reverse aging, and to lose weight naturally without prescription drugs or crash diets. All you need is the proper environment and to simply practice walking.

Dr. Don Kim suffered from a debilitating back injury that left him paralyzed and unable to walk for 6 months. He overcame his condition with a specific walking regimen and became the “Walking Doctor” to spread the message of walking’s ability to cure through his 30-day Walking Cure program.

Wellness Specialist


Dr. Don Kim is the author of 9 Secrets of Health, 1 Minute Wellness Messages, 9 Easy Ways to Eliminate your Nagging Foot Pain, Get Ready to Walk, and Heel Pain Epidemic. His latest upcoming book is Walking Cure, a guide to his 30-day challenge to heal yourself through walking.

2009. Published his first book, 9 Secrets of Health

2010. Launched 1 Minute Wellness Messages

2012. Published 1 Minute Wellness Messages book

2015. Published Walking Cure, which became a #1 best selling book on Amazon


1. What was it like growing up in Korea?

My family endured tough times when I was growing up. The Vietnam War was going on, and like so many people in underdeveloped countries, we were poor.

2. When and why did you immigrate to Guam?

For many years my family worked to reunite with my dad, but because of the war we couldn’t go to Vietnam.

3. What made you pursue podiatry as your field of medicine?

Pursuing podiatry was by total accident. I knew that I wanted to go into medicine, so I volunteered at a hospital back in Guam the summer after my Freshman year.

4. What made you interested in Holistic Medicine and becoming a Holistic Podiatrist?

About twenty years ago, I noticed a trend. A lot of my patients were dealing with complications from their surgeries.

5. What about your work do you enjoy?

I find building relationships with my patients and the trust that comes along with it, incredibly fulfilling.

6. Tell us about your Walking Cure programs and how you became the Walking Doctor.

After I hurt my back, I began to suffer from many health problems. I became diabetic, suffered from insomnia, and had problems with my blood pressure.

7. What inspired you to open the K Wellness Center?

When I injured my back three and a half years ago, my left leg was paralyzed for days. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t drive, and I came to work limping for the next six months.

8. What transformations have you seen in your patients at the K Wellness Center?

Today, we know that a lack of oxygen can cause an array of health of problems, including cancer.