Avoid Bathroom Surgery for Your Feet

Avoid doing your own foot surgery in the bathroom! Sounds like a funny statement, but if you’ve ever taken a sharp instrument to cut out an ingrown toenail, you’ve preformed bathroom surgery! Whether it’s an ingrown toenail, blisters, or redness and swelling, go see your podiatrist, not your medicine cabinet. Most issues can be cleared up with a simple visit to the doctor or medications. However, if you take matters into your own hands, the situation could end up being much worse where you might actually need surgery from your doctor.[1]

Go see a doctor if you notice any infections, swelling, or redness on your feet or toes. Your bathroom is not a sterile place and neither are the toenail clippers that have been out on the counter all day.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Cutting Toenails | by noricum on Flickr | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike License


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