Benefits of Dark Roasted Coffee

Coffee has become a staple for people and it’s being brewed everywhere, with the additions of milk, sugar, and other sweetened flavorings. However, dark roast coffee has the largest amount of health benefits. It has a strong amount of antioxidants that could help you lower your risk of type-2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and dementia. It also restores the amount of vitamin E in your blood levels as well as glutathione, another strong antioxidant. Darker roasts have also been shown to have the least amount of caffeine and can also help in weight reduction.[1]

Look for dark, organic, and roasted whole beans. The darker the better! Any added elements of cream and sugar to your coffee will only produce spikes of insulin levels.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Smell the coffee..?? | by ruben alexander | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike License


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