Blood Under Your Toenail

We’ve all experienced the throbbing pain of stubbing a toe on a hard surface or against a furniture.  It’s no fun! This painful injury can cause some blood to appear between your nail and nail bed called a subungual hematoma.  For most cases it is nothing to be alarmed about.  The injured nail will fall off and a new one will grow back, sometimes taking up to six months.  However, if the blood takes up about 50% of your nail you should visit your foot doctor for an examination to see if there is a more extreme injury, such as a broken toe.[1]


Always keep a watchful eye if you lose a toenail and a new one is growing in.  If you notice any problems or irregularity in growth, see your foot doctor for an examination.  You may have to have your blood drained from the toe.


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Photo by Jenna on Flickr


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