Burning and Numb Sensation of the Toes

If you are feeling a burning or numb sensation in your feet and toes, you might be experiencing a neuroma. Neuromas are common and benign. They are caused by the enlargement of the nerve that is most commonly located at the base of the third and fourth toes. These enlargements are due to many factors, but are usually found in patients with a pronated, or flat foot and with those who commonly wear tight or high-heeled shoes. All of these factors create an increase in stretching and pressure around the nerves, which then causes the neuroma. [1]

Look for custom shoe pads or shoes with a wide area around the toes with a lower heel. If the neuroma is severe enough, injections or surgery may be needed from your doctor.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Hold Them | by Victor Bezrukov | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

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