Chewing Gum Can Be Harmful

IMG_0181Chewing gum’s common sweetener, Aspartame, has been linked to cancer, and the preservative BHT is considered toxic to your organs! In the past, chewing gum has been popular among dieters, but the truth is people who chew gum are more motivated to eat junk food and less likely to eat fruit. Not to mention, the excess air that you swallow when chewing gum can cause uncomfortable abdominal pain and bloating.*

You can kick your gum chewing habit the easy (and healthy) way with natural alternatives. For fresh breath all you have to do is chew on some parsley. And if you think you’ll miss the chewy texture of gum, just reach for some licorice root; not only is it all-natural, but it can prevent acid reflux and canker sores too!

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Photo | Chewing gum | ©Limarie Cabrera | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License


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