Children and Diet Sodas

Studies are showing that children are ditching regular sugar drinks for lower calorie ones. Overall, the consumption of soft drinks has increased around 500 percent over the last fifty years and in 2008, a study showed that 12.5 percent of kids are now consuming sweetened drinks. Parents may think this is a good trend to see their children consuming diet drinks, but it’s not! Obesity amongst children is still on the rise. Artificial sweeteners are linked to weight gain, diet or not, and one study showed that drinking a diet soda per day can increase your chances of getting type-2 diabetes by as much as 67 percent.[1]

Teach your children healthy lifestyle habits that will set them up for a lifetime. Instead of giving them a diet drink, show them healthier alternatives like natural sodas.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Project 50 #43 Refreshing | by John Ashley | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License


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