Counteract Your Cravings with a Workout

Food cravings are a natural way of our body letting us know we need something or that we are lacking something in our diet. Cravings become an issue when we train ourselves to eat during certain times of the day or during certain mood swings. For these types of food cravings, try counteracting it with a good workout! By implementing a workout during those times of the day when you snack the most, you can retrain your body to stay away from those extra calories. If possible, go for a workout that has 60 percent strength training, which will help you burn fat.[1]

Write down your food intake for the week and check to see where you snack the most. Now fill those time slots with a good workout or a good walk and you can say goodbye to unwanted calories!

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Dr. Kim

Photo | finally | by Bruce | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License


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