Cracked Heels are Dangerous

Cracked heels hurt!  They are caused by insufficient moisture and may show up due to cold weather, dehydration, hot showers, harsh soaps, not moisturizing your feet, and even diabetes.  The biggest dangers of cracked heels are diabetes and obesity.  Diabetics experience cracked heels because of nerve damage and fluctuating blood sugar levels.  If diabetics leave cracked heels unchecked, it can lead to an infection. Obesity can cause harm to your feet because there is added weight and pressure.  The heel pads are not strong enough to support the pressure making them spread apart and crack. [1]

Moisturize your feet, drink plenty of water, and look for any signs of cracked heels.  If left untreated, prescription creams may be needed.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Mels Cracked Heels | by Ian Armstrong | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License


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