Cure for Athlete’s Foot

Around 70% of people will have Athlete’s foot at some point in their lives.  Athlete’s foot is a fungus, called trichophyton, most commonly found between your toes.  The fungus thrives in warm, moist areas such as locker rooms, showers and swimming pools.  Symptoms of Athlete’s foot are: dry skin, pain, itching, scaling, inflammation, burning and stinging sensations as well as blisters.  Watch out for blisters!  If left untreated they can be a breeding ground for more infections.[1]

Soak your feet in 2 tablespoons of organic vinegar or organic salt mixed with warm water for 15 minutes every night.  Apply baking soda paste to the affected area for 1-2 hours, then rinse, dry and dust with cornstarch.  Continue until fungus passes.

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Dr. Kim

Photo by Wendy Harmann on Flickr

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