Dangers of Low Vitamin B-12

A low level of vitamin B-12 is no laughing matter! Vitamin B-12, also known as cobalamin, is needed in the body for “metabolism, DNA synthesis, production of red blood cells, and the maintenance of healthy nerve cells.” Dangers that can arise from low B-12 levels are: anemia, from the inhibition of cell division in the bone marrow; damaged nerve cells, and low energy levels. B-12 is highly important for the health of our central nervous system. Low levels can bring about dangers such as memory loss, difficulty keeping balanced, numbness of extremities, confusion, depression, and dementia.[1]

Make sure you get your levels of vitamin B-12 up from a healthy diet, that includes animal protein, or through daily supplements.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Saffron Chicken | by Rexipe Rexipe | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License


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