Darker Green Leaves

When it comes to leafy greens, the darker the green the better! Here are some great choices that are dark in color and rich in nutrients! Kale, Collards, and Turnip greens are excellent source of vitamins A, C, and K; Swiss chard and Spinach are great sources of vitamins A and C as well as oxalates, which aid in kidney stones; and Cabbage for its high content of vitamin C to help fight cancer. In contrast, iceberg lettuce is very light green in color, but it ranks as the most consumed lettuce in the U.S., even though it has the lowest amount of nutrients and is made mostly of water.[1]

Look for fun ways to add dark leafy greens to your meal! Making a sandwich wrap? Instead of a tortilla, use Collard green leaves to add more nutrients to your meal.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Glory Foods Fresh Collard Greens | by Glory Foods | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License


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