Deadly Tylenol

Tylenol is an anti-inflammatory drug also known as acetaminophen.  It may seem harmless, but simple little overdoses over just a few days can lead to life-threatening results.  Studies found that 37 percent of patients who did consistent small overdoses each day died compared to only 27 percent of patients that did a single large overdose.  Tylenol is the most common drug in America and the most commonly overdosed.  Other illnesses linked with acetaminophen are: blood cancer, asthma, brain damage and increased blood pressure. [1]

Try to stay away from Tylenol and use other methods of pain relief such as krill oil that is packed with omega-3s that have anti-inflammatory properties!

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Dr. Kim

Photo | rapid release (02-18-08) | by Katy Warner | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license

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