Devastating Effects of Ill Fitting Shoes for Children

Children are still growing and for this reason it is so important that they have proper fitting shoes. Shoes that are too big could cause injuries, such as blisters, lost toenails, and bunions, from the child’s foot sliding in the shoe. It also creates an insecure footing that could cause the child to fall. Adding socks to their feet in order to fit the shoe “properly” is also a health risk because their feet cannot breath and all the trapped moisture will cause bacteria growth. Most importantly, ill-fitting shoes will cause the child to change his or her natural posture and stride. This issue will lead to long-term effects such as back pain and scoliosis. [1]

Children do grow out of shoes quickly, but the more support you give them in this growing stage, the healthier they will be!

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Dr. Kim

Photo | All Star Generation | by Herval on Flickr | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

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