Distract Your Food Cravings

Food cravings can definitely creep up on you and attack!  Hold off on food cravings by doing simple changes to your routine.  When you feel the cravings come on try changing your environment and what you are doing.  Places can trigger cravings and taking yourself out of that area will help.  Also try staying busy or exercising as a way to distract your mind from the cravings.  Do not ever starve yourself.  Listen to your body and if it is hungry just wait a few minutes before you eat so, you can build a pattern of not eating on impulse. [1]

Get up and go for a walk.  If you feel the cravings come on, don’t worry and take charge by reacting in a positive and healthy manner.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | © Panayiotis Demou | Dreamstime.com

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