Do More Fun Things to Reduce Stress

At some point in everyone’s life, stress has taken over! With work, school, social events, family, chores, and everything else happening, it seems like you’re drowning in a long checklist. With work comes stress and one big change you’re going to have to do to lessen the stress is to simply do more fun things! How you live each day is your decision and the more you decide to incorporate fun things into your life, the less weight you feel during those stressful situations. For a little fun, try gardening, reading a book, watching a funny movie, or take a small day-trip or mini vacation.[1]

Take back your happiness and don’t allow stress to run your life. Stress will always be there, but it is up to you how much energy stress will take from you!

Express your love today!

Dr. Kim

Photo | Having Fun (2) | ©Richard Taylor | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License


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