Don’t Skip Your Meals

Having an even intake of energy, or food, during the day will help keep your body fat in check. By skipping a meal your body goes into survival mode and slows down your metabolism to store fat, so that it can be ready to supply you with energy when you need it. If you skip breakfast and then chow down at lunch, your body is saying “Great! I can store this energy for later!” Instead of burning the food you just took in, it will simply store it as fat. When you eat evenly throughout the day, your body will stimulate your metabolism to burn the energy because it knows it’s going to get another meal soon.[1]

Do not skip your meals! Eat evenly throughout the day and be aware of your food choices. Go for natural food choices and small meals to help keep your metabolism going.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Andrew Eating Coconut Lemon Cake | by Monik Markus | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License


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