Elevate Your Vitamin D Level

vitamin dVitamin D, which is actually a hormone that regulates the rest of the hormones in the body, has many health benefits. Our bodies do not make it naturally, so we gain vitamin D through the absorption of our exposure to the sun. Research has shown that vitamin D lengthens telomeres, which are involved in cell life, and could help increase your life span. Vitamin D has also been shown to boost your immunity to fight viruses, helps regulate blood pressure, protects wounds from infection and aids with healing, maintains calcium balance, regulates weight gain, as well as helps against other diseases and cancers.[1]

Check with your doctor about your vitamin D levels. Most adults need around 5,000 International Units per day, but some may need more depending on their test results. You may have to double or triple the amount to fight the virus.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Vitamin Packaging | By Colin Dunn | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License


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