Endorphins, The Elixir of Life

Endorphins are produced within our bodies and are 200 times stronger than the pain killer morphine. In fact, the word “endorphin” is derived from “endogenous morphine.” Endorphins kill pain, create pleasure, boost our immune systems, and activate natural killer cells that can fight cancer cells.  And, they have no side effects!* 

Let’s help our bodies produce endorphins today. Did you know that some of the most pleasurable things can boost endorphins? Laugh out loud, have a chiropractic adjustment, get an acupuncture treatment, enjoy a deep tissue massage or eat dark chocolate (not milk chocolate) to get your natural painkillers flowing. Wow!

Express your love today!

Dr. Kim

*Mech, Susan Delaney. “Rx for Quilters.” C&T Publishing, 2000. 97.
Photo by Sinisa Botas

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