Energize in the Middle of the Day

You’ve been working all day and you’ve hit a wall.  Sugar from soda and candy might seem like an easy fix, but it’s not! That energy will only give you a temporary fix because the body will burn through that energy quicker leaving you back to where you started.  Instead of going for the sugar, try taking a break!  Seriously!  Go for a 10-minute walk outside, do a few simple stretches or deep breathing exercises.  These will loosen your muscles, relieve tension and help you to reset, so you can finish your day.[1]

Remind yourself to take a break!  Put a note on your computer screen or add an appointment with yourself to take a 10-minute walk.  It will give you that much needed break in a hardworking routine.

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Photo | © Yuri Arcurs | Dreamstime.com

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