Enjoy Dark Chocolate

Cocoa in the dark chocolate has abundant polyphenols called flavanol.  It helps reduce blood pressure by relaxing arteries.  It improves insulin sensitivity by decreasing fasting insulin and glucose levels.  Cocoa flavanols have been shown to lower inflammation in tissues throughout the body, including pain and allergic reactions.   And chocolate’s potent antioxidants shield the endothelial cells lining the arteries as well as LDL cholesterol against free radical damage.  Most importantly it makes you feel good by producing a sensation of pleasure in your brain.[1]

High-quality dark chocolate is sold in health food, specialty, and grocery stores.  Look for bars that contain 70 percent cocoa or more.  Limit your intake to no more than 25-50 g, or one quarter-half of a large bar, daily.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | © Viktoriia Kulish | Dreamstime.com

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