Everything You Should Know About Healing Aloe Vera Juice

1373We use aloe vera gel to soothe our irritated skin. Ingestible aloe vera juice can do the same thing for our insides. Because it decreases irritation in the stomach and intestines, aloe vera juice can be used to treat disorders of the gut, such as irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, or ulcers. And because drinking aloe vera juice increases healthy gut bacteria, it can also be implemented as a proactive health regimen.*

Aloe vera juice can act as a laxative, so be warned of adverse side effects such as diarrhea. Consult your doctor or nutritionist before starting an aloe vera juice regimen, and only use quality aloe products that are intended for internal use.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | ShashiBellamkonda | Trader Joes Aloe Vera juice | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License


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