Exercise Makes You Smarter

When it seems like every day you’re pushing your brain to the max at work, don’t forget to exercise! Exercising is not just healthy for your body, but it actually makes you smarter too. It increases your energy and gives your brain the ability to think more clearly. It also sharpens your focus and enhances your mood by releasing endorphins, which helps fight against depression. Exercise helps your brain to prioritize by releasing trigger endorphins that block out distractions. And finally, it improves your memory and gives you the endurance to increase your productivity.[1]

You need to get moving! Sitting all-day and trying to work is depressing, but adding some exercise to your day will help you get that energy you need to finish strong!

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Dr. Kim
Photo | Jogging | by Joe Shlabotnik on Flickr | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution license


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