Flat Feet Can Cause Piriformis Syndrome

flatWhen tight or swollen, the Piriformis muscle in your buttocks can cause radiating pain in your legs because of the pressure it puts on your sciatic nerve. People commonly call Piriformis Syndrome “fat wallet syndrome” because the pain can be aggravated by sitting uneven on a large wallet. People with flexible flat feet are also susceptible to Piriformis Syndrome. Because flat feet do not have much support from an arch, their knees tend to turn inward; this shift tightens muscles and can bring about pain.[1]

Stretching and muscle massages can help with aggravated Piriformis Syndrome. However, if you have flat feet and experience this problem, your podiatrist may be able to provide comfort with custom orthotic inserts.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Flat Foot | ©Dr. S. Don Kim


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