Go Up Side Down

Hanging upside down (Inversion Therapy) has been used to help back and neck pain for over 2500 years, since Hippocrates. We fight gravity daily, and average person loses ½ to 2 inches of height by the time we reach our senior years.  Inversion therapy is a powerful way to maintain height, improve circulation, relieve stress, heighten mental alertness, increase flexibility, improve posture and realign your back, neck and spine. [1]

Try inversion therapy today especially if you have neck or back pain. Make sure you start at only 1-2 minutes a day, increasing angle and duration slowly.  Be cautious if you have hypertension, osteoporosis, heart problems, hernia, spinal implants or have recently had surgery.  Please consult your physician before you start this therapy.

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Dr. Kim

Photo by Kim Perkins

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