Goji Berries for Your Health

Wolfberries, commercially called Goji berries, contain an abundance of naturally occurring minerals such as Zinc, Germanium, Selenium, Zinc, Iron, Copper, and Phosphorus. Goji Berries contain 19 amino acids and the Linoleic acid (Essential Omega 6 fat) that promotes the loss of body fat. They also have plenty of antioxidants and phytonutrients that reduce age-related macular degeneration, boost the immune system and reduce fatigue. In addition, they improve eyesight, great hair color, improved libido, improvement in mood, more quality sleep, and enhanced energy levels.[1]

Try Goji berries as tea, as juice, or in soups. You can also chew on dried Goji berries and enjoy the great taste.

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Photo by FotoosVanRobin on Flickr


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