Healthy and Tasty Trail Mix

trailmixAre you feeling sluggish throughout the day? While you need sleep, you also need proper nutrition. Because they do not provide your body with anything of value, sugary snacks and processed foods can cause you to crash. Give your body the fuel it needs by eating healthy, easy-to-grab snacks like nuts and dried fruit. A trail mix is a great way to get the carbohydrates and protein your body craves.[1]

For a tasty and healthy trail mix, combine 1 tablespoon (each) of: raw pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, raisins, sliced raw almonds and raw sesame seeds. If you have a sweet tooth experiment with crystallized ginger or shredded coconut. Yum!

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Goji berries & cashews | ©Jennifer | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License


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