High Dose Vitamin C for Common Cold

Vitamin C has many great health benefits such as fighting the common cold, promoting the healing of body cells, building collagen, detoxifying the body, killing bacteria and free radicals and lowering cholesterol. The recommended dietary allowance is set at 90mg, but that does not help keep our immune system up. People should be taking an average amount of 1-4 grams (1,000-4,000mg) per day to keep healthy. The body will flush out any excess amount it does not need. If you start to get symptoms like diarrhea, it means the body is getting too much and you need to lower your dosage. [1]

Start working your dosage of vitamin C up a little per day. It’s a simple addition to help keep your immune system strong!

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Dr. Kim

Photo | 5000, baby! | by Justin Henry | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution license


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