How to Eat Less in a Buffet Line

To eat sensibly at a buffet line is no easy task, but here are three ways you can really cut down on over-eating. Scan the buffet line. Before you grab your plate and go, take a look at what they have and carefully decide what you are going to take. Take the smaller plate! Those who take the salad plate for dinner ended up eating 22% less than those with a 12-inch dinner plate. Finally, pick only two items at a time! You can still go back through the line again, but by only taking two items each time you will eat far less than piling everything on your plate all at once. [1]

Don’t be afraid of the buffet; just be smart about it. You can keep your waistline and still enjoy the food by looking first and keeping your numbers down.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | MGM Grand Buffet – Pastries | by Calgary Reviews | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License


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