How to Get Your Children to Be More Active

family exerciseWith TV, Internet, computer games, game consoles, and smart phones, children are really setting themselves up for a huge uphill battle in terms of their health! When it comes to child obesity, the biggest thing you can do as a parent is get involved and set a good example by being active yourself. Other tips are setting limits on screen time, establishing a routine for them to be active, promote activity by having sports equipment around the house, encourage them to try out for the soccer team or dance lessons. Let them take the reigns and choose their activity![1]

Get your kids up and moving! Make physical activity a priority in your household and don’t forget that you need to participate as well. Here’s to an active family!

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Kids play skiprope on Morro State Beach | by Mike Baird | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

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