How to Prevent Eyestrain in front of the Computer

Computers are everywhere! We spend hours on them at work, at home, and anywhere else we can get a WiFi signal. One major consequence of this is eyestrain. To help reduce eyestrain, look at how you are viewing your monitor. Position the monitor directly in front of you about 18-28 inches (or arm’s length) away. The top of the monitor should be level with your eyes, which means you are viewing the monitor at 10-20 degrees below your eye level. Think of it like how you hold a book for reading.[1]

In addition, make sure the light in the room is balanced with your monitor. The light should come from the sides and not behind or directly in front of the computer.

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Photo | Sheeral–Using Computer | by Ananta Bhadra Lamichhane | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License


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