Identify Early Signs of Adult Lower Extremity Problems in Children

Parents need to take note of any subtle pain their children are having. Children who start to lag in sports because of foot pain could be showing signs of foot fatigue that is caused by having flat feet. If they seem reluctant in activities they normally enjoy because of foot pain, this could be heel pain caused by “muscle strain and inflammation of the growth plate” in their heel.  Other signs are: hiding their feet because of calluses, growths, discoloration, or swelling around the toenails; or constantly falling, which could be associated with “balance problems or neuromuscular conditions.” [1]

Always investigate the issue! Protect your child’s growing feet, so they won’t have to suffer from any ailments later in life.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Another Little Foot | ©mrgreen09 on Flickr | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution Share alike License


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