Importance of Balance Training After an Ankle Sprain

When an ankle is sprained, a lot of things happen. Damage is done to not only your ligaments and muscles, but to the nerves that coordinate your balance too. After a sprain, these nerves and muscles need some light practice to get them working correctly again and to reduce your chance of a repeat injury. All too often people who re-sprain an ankle have not trained their proprioceptors, or, balance sensors. After an injury, balance training can not only aid in your recovery, but also prevent the likelihood of a repeat injury.[1]

You can test your proprioceptors by balancing on one foot while closing your eyes; you’ll notice in your reaction that your proprioceptors are off if you feel unstable. Contact a therapist to focus on balance after an ankle injury.

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Dr. Kim
Photo | Sprained Ankle 002 | ©Dave Herholz | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license


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