Invest In a Good Chair

If you sit at a desk or in front of a computer most of your day, you need to invest in a great chair for your body’s health. Here are a few tips for getting a great chair: don’t just buy it because it says “ergonomic,” research different brands that fit what you are looking for. Look for chairs that provide stability and full back support – upper, mid, and lower back. Try out the seat pan to make sure your weight is evenly distributed and that the front has a rounded feature and not a sharp edge. Make sure the chair and armrests can adjust to your height and that it swivels easily.[1]

Invest in a good chair and you’ll be saving your body from an increase in back pain and fatigue. Try out several chairs until you find the one that supports your body.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Call of Duty Pro Vs GI Joe gaming chair giveaway | by Pop Culture Geek | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License


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