Kimchi for Your Digestion

Kimchi is a spicy condiment that packs a very healthy punch! It’s part of a high-fiber, low-fat diet that has helped Koreans keep their weight in check. Kimchi is a “reddish fermented cabbage dish made with a mix of garlic, salt, vinegar, chili peppers, and other spices that is served either alone or mixed with rice or noodles.” Kimchi is packed with vitamins A, B, and C and also contains healthy bacteria, found in fermented foods, called lactobacilli. This healthy bacteria aids digestion, helps prevent yeast infections, and could also help stop the growth of cancer.[1]

Kimchi is a great spicy condiment that can be added to almost any meal. Pick some up in the refrigerated section of your local Asian market or grocery store.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Kimchi – Lets Bap | by Alpha | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license


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