Kissing Corns

Kissing corns are soft corns that form between your toes, usually the fourth and fifth.  The bones in your toes should resemble an hourglass shape. When they are slightly deformed or one is too wide, they will rub together causing irritation and the kissing corn will form.  However, people with normal toes can also develop this issue if they wear ill-fitted shoes.  Women who wear high-heels are more prone to developing kissing corns because their weight is shifted forward.  Treatment for kissing corns ranges from purchasing wider shoes to surgery.[1]

Do not use over the counter corn patches for these corns.  The acid in the patches may dissolve too much tissue and cause an ulcer to form.  See your podiatrist if the corns continue to bother you.
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Dr. Kim

Photo by turtlemom4bacon on Flickr

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