Manage Your Weight with Stevia

Stevia may be one of the most important refined sugar replacements ever discovered. It is an herb and shrub in the Chrysanthemum family native to South America.  Stevia is thirty times sweeter than sugar in its unprocessed form, and when purified, it can be 250-300 times sweeter than sugar! It has zero calories, and is safe for diabetics.[1] Stevia users have reported reduced appetite and a reduction of their craving for sweets and fatty foods, making it a very effective addition to your diet.. It also helps manage blood pressure.

Add stevia to your diet wherever you’d add sugar; it is excellent in cooking and baking.  You can also use water-based stevia to any beverage. There are a number of stevia-sweetened products now making their way into mainstream markets.

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Dr. Kim

Photo by onezzzart on Flickr

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