Mashed Avocado as a Healthy Condiment

When it comes to a healthy meal, the condiments can make or break it! What once was a healthy salad turns into a high calorie meal when heavy dressings are applied. Start to think about healthy substitutes when it comes to condiments. The avocado is a great super food that is packed with nutrients. If you’re looking to make a chicken salad, instead of mayonnaise try avocado with a splash of lemon juice! Its creamy texture, mixed with the brightness of the lemon, makes it a great substitute for mayonnaise without giving you all the added fat and calories.[1]

Look for condiment alternatives for a healthier lifestyle! Avocados can also be a great substitute for oil and butter.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Mashed avocado with breast milk | ©@joefoodie on Flickr | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License


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