Mix Sprints and Jogging for Max Results

runningA recent University of New South Wales study found that a combination of sprinting and jogging can be more effective than just jogging alone. Over 15 weeks, compared to women who jogged for 40 minutes straight, women who spent 20 minutes mixing sprints and jogging lost three times as much fat in their legs and buttocks. The cardio mix increases your heart rate and improves your oxygen intake, making the most of your workout. Try alternating jogging for 5 minutes, then sprinting for a minute the next time you work out.*

After intense sprinting, your muscles can become very tight and fatigued. Be sure to stretch after your workout, drink plenty of water and soothe your muscles with a hot shower and massage, followed by more stretching the next morning.

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Photo | Julian Lim | sprints | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

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