Nail Polish Can Mask Nail Diseases

It’s summertime and that means women will be getting more pedicures and manicures. Though aesthetically pleasing, nail polish has its dangers in that it can mask any problem and even hide nail diseases. When you apply nail polish, you are sealing the nail from being able to breathe, which makes it easier for fungus to grow. The only time it gets to breathe is the 10 minutes while you transition between colors. Another thing to think about is that nail polish is a chemical and if you are not putting a base coat on, all those chemicals are being absorbed right into your nail, causing discoloration and change in nail texture.[1]

Change your nail color often and allow at least a week between colors, so your nails can breathe! Make sure that you also use a base coat, since it is a barrier between your nails and the polish.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Blue nail polish | by jesiehart on Flickr | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution license


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