Oatmeal Soak for Dry, Cracked Feet

From wearing sandals to putting on those winter boots, your feet can get dry from lack of moisture. This results in the skin cracking around the heels. One simple remedy for this is plain oatmeal from the store. An easy oatmeal soak at least once a week will keep your feet looking and feeling soft. You will need a basin big enough to soak both your feet in and prepare the oatmeal as directed, so it has a nice thick consistency. Place your feet in the warm oatmeal for at least thirty minutes then rinse, pat dry, and moisturize with lotion. [1]

Cracked dry feet can become extremely painful, so do a simple oatmeal soak once a week and not only soothe your feet, but also help yourself unwind after a long day.

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Photo by The Impulsive Buy on Flickr


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