Organic Unprocessed Salt for Gastric Ulcer

Contrary to popular belief, stomach ulcers tend to be a result of too little hydrochloric acid as
opposed to too much. By increasing your body’s natural production of this acid you can restore
balance in your stomach and calm a gastric ulcer. Boost your body’s production of hydrochloric
acid by consuming unprocessed Himalayan salt –considering it’s one of the best, quality salts out
there- it’s worth giving a shot.[1]

Purchase quality unprocessed organic salt from a gourmet market and substitute it for processed
table salt. If you don’t enjoy salt sprinkled on food, visit your local vitamin shop and pick up a
hydrochloric acid supplement.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Product of Pakistan. Packed in South Africa. | ©Jun Seita | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License


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