Processed, Dead Salt Kills

processed saltMuch of the salt sold in grocery stores has been processed and bleached with chemicals, hence its white color. This is done to lengthen its shelf-life and improve its appearance and consistency. Unfortunately, this processing removes crucial minerals and devitalizes the salt.[1]

Dead, processed salt dehydrates cells and eventually leads to cell deaths. Real, natural salt, on the other hand, is pink, grey, purple and other colors because minerals are still a vibrant part of it. Replace processed white salt with natural colorful salt today. Cook only with the colorful salts from now on.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Salt and Pepper in Sausalito | by smi23le on Flickr | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License
[1]Margel, Douglas. The Nutrient-Dense Eating Plan. Basic Health Publications, 2005. 162.


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