Protect Your Hearing While Mowing the Lawn

It may seem like a tolerable type of noise, but mowing the lawn generates about 90 decibels, which is loud enough to cause damage to your ears. If you are working in a shop where there are power tools, you could be exposing your ears to an alarming 110 decibels. Over time, exposure to loud noises can significantly damage our hearing and, unlike other parts of the body, hearing damage does not heal as well.
We are careful to protect our eyes around heavy equipment and power tools and we should protect our ears as well![1]

Protect your ears! Always use earplugs, which can reduce noise up to 29 decibels. If you are around extremely loud noises, look for ear protectors in your local home store.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Jordan mowing the lawn | ©Ryan McFarland | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License


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