Reflective Vests for Your Safety

Roadside workers wear them, construction workers wear them, and so should you! Reflective vests may look a little funny to wear, but they keep you safe. Even if you are just taking a jog after work when the sun is setting or you decide to take a nighttime bike ride, you should be wearing a reflective vest. The number one reason is visibility. If other people can see you, then they know you are there. Reflective vests help reduce traffic, cycling, boating, working, and many other types of accidents.[1]

Reflective vests are now getting fashionable! With the many different styles of reflective wear out there now, you have no reason not to invest in your safety!

Express your love today!

Dr. Kim

Photo | Reflective safety Vest | by Diamond Rubber | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license


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