Snack on Sunflower Seeds

sunflower seedsSunflower seeds contain protein that will give your body energy, making them a healthy snack to add to your diet. Sunflower seeds are a good source of healthy fat, magnesium, folate, and copper. They also provide your body with vitamins B1 and B6, selenium, phosphorus, and niacin. A ½ cup of raw, unsalted sunflower seeds contain more than 100mg of potassium and less than 2mg of sodium.*

Be sure to read labels and avoid sunflower seeds that have been coated with artificial flavors and sodium-rich seasonings. The healthiest sunflower seeds are raw and unsalted. You can enjoy a ½ cup of raw, unsalted seeds for less than 150 calories!

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Photo | Mark S | DSC_0057-1 | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

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