Sparkle Stainless Surfaces

Stainless steel can look great, but when it comes to cleaning it, not all cleaners are the same. Some cleaners can leave streaks and others can be too abrasive, which will leave scratches. A great alternative to these cleaners is olive oil! When cleaning your stainless steel, use mild dish soap and then rinse it well. Then take a soft terry cloth and put a little olive oil on it. Use this to rub out smudges or stains. Once the item is clear of stains, use a generous amount of olive oil on the cloth and give the entire item a good rub down. This will give your stainless steel a great shine![1]

If you have stubborn stains, try a small amount of baking soda with water and then end with olive oil.

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Photo | Extra Virgin Olive Oil | by Emilian Robert Vicol | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License


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