Stretch Your Calf Muscles if You Wear High Heels Often

Some women only wear high heels on special occasions, while many others wear them five days out of the week! Those little perks that women love about high heels can actually do a lot of damage to their legs. By keeping the calf muscle at a shortened position for a continuous amount of time, the calf muscle will actually become shorter making it very painful to walk in flat shoes. Constant walking in high heels can also cause foot and ankle problems, bunions, hammertoes and a tightened Achilles tendon. [1]

Stretch your calf muscles daily! Stand about an arm’s length from the wall, extend one foot behind you and keep the other closer to the wall. Place your hands flat on the wall and lean in while keeping both heels on the ground. Once you feel the stretch, hold for 30 seconds then switch sides. Repeat.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Black High Heels | by Michael Dorausch | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license

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