Sun Exposure Decreases Cancer Risk

Many people are staying far away from direct sunlight in fear that they might be diagnosed with skin cancer. Though caution is definitely needed when going out into the sun, what many people don’t realize is that sun exposure can actually help protect our skin from cancer. When we are safely exposed to sunlight, specifically UVB, our bodies produce vitamin D, which protects our skin against cancers like melanoma. Vitamin D increases the destruction of mutated cells and reduces the spread of cancer cells. Patients with high levels of vitamin D have a higher survival rate than those who don’t.[1]

Safe sun exposure is the best way for our bodies to create vitamin D. If sun exposure is not possible, make sure you take an oral vitamin D3 supplement to keep your levels up!

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Sunbathing | by Tom Godber | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license


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